Ever wonder what it feels like to have your head pulled? Truthfully? It feels great!

I have a slipped disk in my neck and the chiropractor put my head in this helmut looking device that pulled my head for a while.

It was pretty awesome.


So there.




Thanksgiving Thankfulness

With Thanksgiving tomorrow I wanted to make a list of things that I am thankful for in my life. Then I cam across this site.

I guess I’m thankful that my name is not entirely awful, as some of these poor saps’ names are:

1. Richard Lips

2. Richard Strain

3. Ophelia Cox

4. Iona Bierhaus

And so on. Pretty much anyone named Richard, really. Sucks to be one of those guys. If your name is Richard, I am sorry that your name can be “Dick” whatever.

So I’ll stick with Henry. Suites me well and it doesn’t completely suck. And that’s what I’m thankful for today.


How’s That?

I went grocery shopping and bought the usual crap. I also got a lot of veggies. Not because I eat a lot of veggies, but it makes me feel like the checkout person isn’t judging me as bad if I have veggies along with six gallons of ice cream and four cases – yes, cases – of hot pockets.

Anyhoo, the checkout guy has to look each veggie up and weigh them and whatnot. He picks up my two onions in a bag and begins to look at them like it was his first time to see a rubix cube. He was utterly perplexed.

He turns to me and says, “Are these onions?”

Me: “How’s that?”

Checkout Guy: “Huh?”

Me: “Yes. Those are onions.”

Checkout guy: “Oh.”

“Oh?” Really? Had he never in his life been witness to the wonders of an actual onion? These weren’t strange onions from another land or anything; I’d just picked them up about 20 yards away! They were totally normal onions in every sense that an onion can be normal!

Which brings me to the point of this post…

I always find it funny when people say, “How’s that?” when they didn’t quite hear you. I dunno why. It’s just amusing. Not like throwing-yogurt-out-your-window-while-driving-and-it-gets-on-your-face amusing, but more like when-an-Austrailian-person-speaks kinda amusing. Not that I have anything against Aussies. I think their accents are pretty sexy, actually. But it’s still amusing.


So… What’s Been Goin’ On Here?

For real… What’s been going on?

Truth be told I totally forgot about Bubble Gum and Energy Drinks until I googled my name and it came up. Don’t judge. You’ve googled your name, too. Hell, I’ve googled your name and I have to say, it’s not all flattering.

So what have I been doing for over a year?

I started RangersGameDay on twitter and a blog. I got in trouble with MLB for giving away tickets to games. I started working a second job waiting tables. I did a 15 day “reboot” diet of veggies and fruit and lost 15 pounds. I gained it all back. It’s hot as hell in Texas during the summer and it’s comfy at Thanksgiving. You know… the usual.

Maybe I’ll stop by here more often and impart words of unwisdom to you all. Or maybe you can stuff it. Whatever…



It’s True


Claw and Antlers Shirts

The Texas Rangers Claw and Antler shirts are not available online. If you see someone selling them, they are fake. At least for now.

Fans can pre-order the shirts at the Majestic gift shop at the Ballpark or at the Rangers stores in Dallas and Fort Worth. You can also order them by phone at 817-273-5015.

They come in small – XXL and cost $26 each. No confirmation on price increase for larger sizes yet. The shirts are made by Nike and should be avaiable in late September.

Also available to preorder are foam claw for $9.

No word on Antler hats or anything else.

For the story on the Claw and Antlers, check here.

Busy, Busy, Busy

It feels like I haven’t written anything at all in ages, and judging by my posts it certainly looks that way, too. As some of you may or may not know, I recently became engaged to my girlfriend and that has brought on a whole new set of “boyfriend duties” that, frankly, I did not see coming.

To save myself the embarassment I won’t go into what all that includes, but suffice it to say that I don’t think I’ll have my balls back any time soon. Not that I had full custody before – I just simply renegotiated the terms of my joint custody of them and I came out on the short end of that stick. Insert joke here.

A lot else has happened since I last wrote here. My post on the Texas Rangers and The Claw/The Antlers gets a hell of a lot of visits from across the intertoobs. I don’t blame them, because I’m just that awesome.

In other news, I have discovered that the fabled Netflix app for the iPhone does exist, and I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s about frackin’ time, though, because I need to have even more of a distraction while I drive. Amiright? Am I the only one who watches Matlock while flippin’ people off for driving the speed limit?


The app is almost complete. By that I mean that it doesn’t allow you to put even more crap in your disc que, but that isn’t a total loss. I don’t even mess with my disc que anyway; I let my girlfriend -AHEM – I mean fiance have that to herself. Just like most everything else. She sends off for the most craptastic movies anyway, so I honestly don’t give a hoot.

What do you mean "Keep your eye on the ball?"

And speaking of craptastic movies, I started to watch Krull last week while visiting my fiance’s family in Austin. Some people canhandle crap movies for the sake of humor and I fancy myself one of those people. But there is nothing remotely even funny about Krull. I think I would rather stomp on my own face then watch that movie. I’ve swallowed back bile that is less offensive.

Other than that, the movie sucks.

I’ve downloaded a few new apps to review, so I figure I’ll get into that this weekend. But I do have one thing to report on the app ScanBizCards. I finally had an opportunity to use that app “in the field.” I went to a business expo and instead of asking people for their business cards I asked if they would mind me scanning their card right there. It was such a hit that several people took out their iPhones and bought the full version of it right there. If that’s not a good testimony for ScanBizCards then I don’t know what is.

So look for more Bubble Gum and Energy Drinks this weekend. I’ve tried to get a guest writer to review video games so you might see something new on that front some time soon.

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