I was first told about Blur before the Beta was released on the Xbox 360, quite a while ago now. It was a beautiful day; the sun was shining, birds were singing. Or something.

Actually, I don’t remember what day it was, but I remember who told me about it. That would be CrYsTaLReDPuNx, better known as “That guy’s black?”

See, Crystal knows of  my love for not only Dr Pepper and the occasional belly rub (don’t ask), but also my love for some Mario Kart: Double Dash. That friggin’ game rocks my face off. If I had to choose any Mario Kart game, I’d choose that one simply for the fact that it allows you to bring out an inner asshole that would make Dennis Leary spit out his cigarette and blush like a little girl. You can make some people so angry if you know how to play that game well, and I learned every single bitch move and place to lay a big banana so I could whoop ass every time I played that game.

It’s not very often that I will gloat on some video game skills. Mostly because I do have a life… somewhat… but mostly because I’m just not that great at video games in general. But for some reason, God blessed me with an ability to harness the power of pure evil in my hands and together with Toad and the red turtle riding the turtle kart, I can rain down a holy mess of shells and tears.

CrYsTaLReDPuNx will destroy your soul. With love.

Throw all that together with the “fat kid” music and I’m one happy Mario Kart-er. That game is just pure win. So when Crystal mentioned the fact that there was a new game coming out called “Blur” that was, as he put it, “Mario Kart in real life,” then you know I had to check it out!

The game released in May, and here it is July and I’m just now reviewing it, but that’s because of gamefly. So suck it. I wager that the game was well worth the wait and everything I thought was great in the beta is even better in the full game. 

The graphics are great, especially considering I haven’t actually played a racing game since the Atari. When you drive in first person I find that it engrosses you more. I found myself leaning over on my couch as I played it, something a game hasn’t done for me in a very long time. The music is also pretty damn good; not over taking the game or anything. I liked the music just fine, and remember thinking that it fit quite well.

  I played mostly the career mode, and I had a lot of fun with that. There were certain things you do to gain more fans that I thought took away from the main action, but overall I was impressed with both single and multiplayer aspects.

Overall I give this real-world Mario Kart counterpart 4 energy drinks out of 5. Even though it is blatantly MK, it makes it alright based on the fact that Nintendo is too lazy to make an HD console and put out HD games. If the game didn’t look so damn good it would have been more of a flop, but everything about that game is pure win. Except win you lose, of course. (See what I did ther?)
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