101 Reasons to Love the 1990′s (101-81)

Being born in the 1980’s I was old enough to understand and appreciate the 1990’s for what they were. Most of my life’s “firsts” happened during the 90’s, and things were pretty damn awesome. Honestly, I struggled with this list because I could easily do separate lists for best songs, artist, movies, and more. So I decided to put them all in here, and they really aren’t in any particular order. I’ll post the next section of reasons tomorrow, and so on. So here it is: 101 Reasons to Love the 1990’s numbers 101-81.

101. The Simpsons debuted on FOX. Hilarity ensued for a number of years until people realized the same jokes were funnier on South Park.

Get me a cheeseburger!

100. East and West Germany reunited including currency and economies, but they still liked David Hasselhoff.

99. The Space Shuttle Discovery placed the Hubble Space Telescope in orbit revolutionizing astronomy, not the porn industry as peeping-toms everywhere had wished.

98. Birth of the Sci/Fi Channel in 1990. Their movies still use the same CGI today.

97. Milli Vanilli was busted for lip syncing. Surprised uber-fans everywhere swore they’d never heard of them before.

96. Total Recall. That movie still makes me wish I had three hands.

95. Janet Jackson was still pretty.

94. From 1990-2000 gasoline averaged below $2.00 per gallon. Awesome.

93. The X Files ran on FOX. Gillian Anderson’s character never believed in aliens, even though she acted like one had inserted an object up her ass.

The career killer.

92. Friends debuted in 1994. Name one good movie that any of them have been in since then. Give up? So should they.

91. Y2K compliant software. The only thing to break down completely was people’s faith in the Myan’s. Until 2012 that is…

90. Fanny Packs. Making old people look like even bigger douche bags.

89. One shoulder of your overalls being unhooked, revealing half of your Kid N’ Play T-shirt.

88. American Gladiators. Men and Women that could easily take your life with only a few fingers, pit against each other in shitty “games” and forced to wear spandex that left little to the imagination.

87. Bill and Ted. Whoa.

How was this NOT cool?

86. The Discman. Tell your old cassettes to go F themselves. You can buy a $30 CD now and carry the player on your belt.

85. Average monthly rent (1990) was $465. Now that pays for your gas bill.

84. Operation Desert Shield. It probably took longer for U.S. Troops to get there than to win the war. Because we’re awesome.

83. The first web page was written in 1990. Without the internet, well… you wouldn’t be reading this drab would you? So I’d say it was pretty cool.

82. Two words: Mortal. Effin’. Kombat. Nuff said.

81. Multi-colored silk shirts. If you deny wearing one, you’re probably doing so with a pink polo shirt on that has its collar popped. Douche.

Stick around. I have the full list complete, but I’ll be releasing it bits at a time so I can find proper, awesome pictures to go along with it all.

Peace, I’m outta here!

  1. Feel free to leave me a comment! I do have the list done, but I’d love to hear even more reasons to love the 1990’s. Or rebuttals, whatever. 🙂

    • Chase
    • July 22nd, 2010

    2 comments: David Shwimmer was in Band of Brothers which was totally freaking awesome. You would know this if you watched the box set of you’ve had for 6 months. Buuuurn.

    And also, Janet Jackson is still hot if you only look at her ass.

    • Band of Brothers isn’t a movie, is it? 😉

      And the “ass” thing could be true of a lot if women, but I don’t dig on butter faces. 😀

    • Christine
    • July 25th, 2010

    You are amazingly hilarious….I read thru ur 90s list and noticed the absence of one important detail: Tickle Me Elmo…Wasn’t that Christmas of 98? I remember trying to find one for Gabe and feeling SO proud when I got one. hehehehe that tickles…

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