iPhone App Review – ScanBizCards

First, I would like to thank those of you who stopped by my relatively new blog for my 101 Reason to Love the 1990’s! I set new clicks records and I hope it entertained you, or at the very least, made you remember how incredibly awesome the 90’s really were.

Enough with the ass kissing, however, because it’s back to work. And today’s entry will be a review for an iPhone app that I came across and downloaded a few days ago based on curiousity (which didn’t kill my cat- yet) and intrigue.

The app I’m talking about is called ScanBizCards, which also comes in a handy Lite version for those not willing to spend the $6.99 (or 88.76 in pesos, for our amigos across the border) to have the full version that features more… well… features.

ScanBizCards is an app that will take a picture of a business card and scan it for information. Sounds simple enough, right? No. Then they complicate things up a little byletting you settle the score with any incorrect information. OK, that’s pretty cool. What else does it do?

I’mma tell ya.

After you’re done doing that it’s time to add that info into a new contact or existing contact to your iPhone address book. Sweet! Adding it really is as simple as a click of a button because it does all the work for you! Also, though a bit annoying, it will automatically make the contact person’s photo a picture of their business card. Kind of informal, but you can change that at a later time. Plus it beats meeting someone and asking to take their picture. Or worse yet, meeting a person and trying to snap a picture of them when you think they won’t notice, but then they do, and all hell breaks loose. OK, that last one was just me, but you live and you learn, right folks?

Moving right along, there are even more features to talk about. Next up is after you input that contact it will automatically ask if you’d like to send a follow up email right away, send to a friend, and in the paid version it will also ask if you’d like to find on LinkedIn. That’s all pretty cool stuff for those sales people out there that are always on the go.

Moving along still, we aren’t finished here!

After all of that there are still a couple things you can do from this app. If you hold the iPhone sideways it will go into a scroll menu of your scanned business cards, similar to the sideways flow of albums in iTunes. This is especially handy for people like me, who can’t remember anyone’s names to save their life. I can, however, remember business cards and faces, so this is a helpful thing for me.

After you find your business card you can view the picture of it and have the option to touch the card wherever it’s highlighted to perform whichever function is was that you touched. So if you touch the phone number it will ask if you wish to call that person from your phone, or email or visit their URL, etc.

ScanBizCards is a great tool for those of you who work Trade Shows and meet a lot of people, and for anyone else who tends to receive a lot of business cards. I can definitely see myself using this in my day job life, as I come across lots of people all the time.

The Lite version is handy for those who’d like to make sure that the app is what they’re looking for, but otherwise I’d actually suggest forking over the $6.99 for the full version. It’s rare that I’ll actually pay for an app, but after downloading about three other business card scanning apps I feel that this one is by far the best and has the most functionality. Not to mention it’s just cool. So suck it.

EDIT: I should point out that ScanBizCards works with iPhone 4 and 3GS. You CAN download it for your iPhone 3G, but you won’t be able to use it properly.

  1. Don’t be shy folks, the comment section isn’t gonna bite. But I will. :p

  2. Patrick @ ScanBizCards here … this review is SO on target that I am forwarding it to a new team member as a primer about the app – there can be no higher praise :-)!

    Oh, you forgot a super-cool feature – Web Sync – placing a copy of your cards on the web, and (slightly gimmicky but what the heck), viewing your cards on a map of the World.

    Heads up: stay tuned for double-sided card support submitted this morning for Apple’s approval.

  3. Well tickle me pink, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your company responding to my review! I’m glad you found it on target, and best of luck to the “FNG!”

  4. That sounds pretty cool. I’d love to get knew apps, but when I refused to pay $20 for an update, my ipod became socially awkward. Or “uncompatible” as its psychiatrist says. But I still like your blog post. I’ll pretend to download it right now! (P.S. I’m the one with the fictional blog you comment on in the forum).

    • I appreciate you stopping by! Would you like on my blogroll? I’d be happy to add you!

  5. Oh, and you had to pay to update your iPod? That sucks. You should get an iPhone is you don’t have one. They. Are. Awesome!

  6. At risk of sounding very dumb, what is a blogroll? I’ve only been doing this for 3 days.

    • If you look on the right side of the page and scroll down a bit there is a list if a few blogs. That’s the blog roll.

  7. Okay, I see my name there? Is it a link to other blogs? And do you want me to add you?

  8. Yeah. Anyone who visits my blog sees these other blogs. You can add me if you like. It’s just a way for bloggers to help drive traffic to each other.

  9. I think I added you. Also, there appears to be no edit button on these posts, but I meant to saw new, not knew.

  10. Lol. I new what you were talking about! (see what I did there?) 😀

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