Ten Most Played Songs on my iPhone

The Blood of the Cu Chulainn by Mychael Danna & Jeff Danna off A Celtic Romance

The first song on my top ten songs played on my iPhone is called The Blood of the Cu Chulainn by Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna. While it’s on the album called A Celtic Romance, most would probably remember it as the theme song from Boondock Saints. This song has a sweeping melody that takes you to the rolling hills of Ireland and makes you yearn for the days of old. Or something.

Just Breathe by Pearl Jam off Backspacer

Just Breathe by Pearl Jam, off the recent album Backspacer, reminds me of Neil Diamond – but in a good way. Where most Pearl Jam songs tend to be gimmicky, this song fits nicely in it’s acoustic backdrop and wonderful lyrics. Unlike past Pearl Jam outings, this song doesn’t suck.

Flowers in December by Mazzy Star off Among My Swan

I’ve always had a soft spot for Mazzy Star. When lead singer Hope Sandoval released her solo albums I was all over it, because let’s face it, it’s still Mazzy Star. But going back to the early works of hers, Flowers in December has a melody that reminds me of Last Kiss, written by Wayne Cochran in 1961 but also well known by the cover version a few years back by Pearl Jam. Hope makes good use of her harmonica and sings the precious song as though she’s whispering it in your ear. Pretty much like every other song she does, but I digress. The album Among My Swan isn’t her best, but this song makes it a great addition.

Sing For Me (Acoustic) by Andreas Johnson off Mr. Johnson Your Room is on Fire

I’ve loved Andreas Johnson for many years now, but most people don’t know who he is. That’s mostly because he’s Swedish. Or something. From the album entitled Mr. Johnson, Your Room is on Fire, the acoustic version of Sing For Me is sweet and tender. It also uses a harmonica for parts of the melody, but Adreas’ voice is, as per usual, at center stage. He sounds like a mixture of Billy Corgan and Raine Maida (of Our Lady Peace) but he has much better control over the nasally aspect of his voice. I strongly prefer and suggest the album Liebling, but this one is just as fun.

Above the Bones by Mishka off Above the Bones

I normally don’t like reggae music at all, especially if it’s from a white dude. But this white dude, Mishka, who went to school in Canada when he wasn’t sailing with his family in the Caribbean, does a pretty good job. The song Above the Bones is at once happy and sad. One could imagine listening to it while happily going about their day, but could easily listen to the same song while in a funk. That’s not too bad of an accomplishment if you ask this white guy who couldn’t do reggae if his life depended on it. Just sayin’. 

Sister Golden Hair by America off America's Greatest Hits

Sister Golden Hair by America is the next song on the list. I honestly couldn’t tell you why I love this song so much. Maybe it’s the melody, maybe it’s the truthfulness of the lyrics… I just don’t know. But I do know that this song is fun to play on the guitar and it has a really great chord progression. The chorus sticks with you every time you listen to it and the drum beat is easily followed but just perfect for the feel of the song.

Damaged Goods by Glint off Glint - EP

The reason I love Damaged Goods by Glint so much is because it could have easily been on the Spawn movie soundtrack in the 90’s. But alas, the song was written released in 2009. It has a slight hint of Industrial music to it, as well as shades of techno and goth. But in a good way, not the “I’m gonna eat your pathetic soul because you wear clothing of color.” Or something. Damaged Goods easily sounds like it could have been co-written by Type-O-Negative. I first heard this song as the free download of iTunes and I’ve been hooked ever since. Great song to jam out to, especially if you’re feeling nostalgic for that 90’s indutrial goth type stuff.

Breaking to Touch by Jets Overhead off No Nations

When I first heard the album No Nations by Jets Overhead, the thing that stood out to me is that this is also an album that could have easily been released in the 1990’s and no one would be anymore the wiser. Breaking to Touch is by far my favorite song on the album because of it’s innocence and simplicity. It’s just a really nice song to listen to. Add that to the acoustic music and I’m hooked.

Stratherrick by Alasdair fraser off Dawn Dance

The next song is another celtic song, but unlike the previous one this one is haunting and dark. With its stoic melody, Stratherrick by Alasdair Fraser captures exactly what real Celtic/Irish music is like. This guy travels the world playing his music, and his whole album, Dawn Dance, is worth the time to listen to it. Everything from upbeat medlies to songs like Stratherrick and Theme for Scotland make this album a good listen no matter your mood.

Black Gives Way to Blue by Alice in Chains off Black Gives Way to Blue

And finally I come to the last song in the top ten songs played on my iPhone. Hardly anything in the music world hits me quite like Alice in Chains does. The titular song, Black Gives Way to Blue, is Jerry Cantrell’s last hoorah for their late lead singer, Layne Stayley, who died of an overdose in 2002. If you need a good cry over a lost friend or family member, give this song a listen. Though they hadn’t released an actual album in over a decade, Alice in Chains hired a new singer, William Duvall, to sing with them for their comeback album Black Gives Way to Blue. William may look like Lenny Kravitz, but his voice is somewhere in between the blues and Layne Stayley without sounding like he’s trying to mimick him. I. Love. This. Album. And I’ve been a strong AiC fan since their first album Facelift in the late 80’s.

So there you have it: the top ten songs listened to on my iPhone. There were a lot of other songs that came close behind these, so perhaps I’ll do a whole list at some point. Until then, suck it.

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