Texas Rangers Claw and Antlers

Texas Rangers Claw/Antlers Shirts info.

If you’re wondering about the Claw/Antler shirts, they are available at the Texas Rangers stadium. I bought one for myself as well as my girlfriend for $26 each.

They are awesome.

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No doubt there are some Yankee fans wondering after last night’s close game where the Rangers bested the Yankees 4-3. There was one play in particular in which an unlikely Ranger gave the Antlers a couple of times, and that Ranger was CJ Wilson.

CJ made a dive to get the out at first, and when he stood up he stoicly gave the Antler sign. I was very pleased to see his reaction, as he seems to be a very fun guy. Well, off the field that is. On the field he is focused, unwavering, and calm. Off the field, as proven by his occasionaly live video chats (which, ironically, he is holding one as I write this), he is lively, funny, and willing to make fun of himself.

Without sounding ilke I wanna kiss the guy, it was pleasing to get to see him give the Antlers.

The explanation of their antics vary. Tommy Hunter revealed that there are also varying degress of the signs depending on the play. If a batter hits a single he’ll look over to the dugout and give a quick Claw motion and get his head back inthe game. If he were to have got a double with an RBI then the Claw would be more dramatic and would include a huge smile. Some reports say that Nelson Cruz came up with the Claw and that he also has a sound to go with it.

The Antlers are for base running or great hussle. I read Josh Hamilton’s explanation once where he claimed that several of the guys are hunters and that was the genesis of the Antlers, but the whole truth is shrouded in mystery. If Andrus steals second and nearly gets caught by the catcher, then he might give the Antlers to the dugout or vice versa. If Young hits a triple but has to slide into third, you’ll probably see the Antlers instead of the Claw because of his hussle.

Andrus and Kinsler exchange... something.

So there is a partial explanation for The Claw and The Antlers. This is a great team that loves to play baseball with each other. Pay close attention to these guys and you’ll see that the Claw and the Antlers are not their only sign. Some of them actually have ellaborate handshakes and high fives! Just remember this:

The Claw is for hits.

The Antlers are for hussle.

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  1. Feel free to leave a comment! Are you a Texas Ranger fan? Red Sox? Yankees?

  2. I really got a kick out of this post! Interesting blog.

  3. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Carl
    • October 9th, 2010

    I found a store selling the claw Shirt – http://www.cafepress.com/TexasRangersHomeBase

    Go Rangers!

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