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Ever wonder what it feels like to have your head pulled? Truthfully? It feels great!

I have a slipped disk in my neck and the chiropractor put my head in this helmut looking device that pulled my head for a while.

It was pretty awesome.


So there.




Thanksgiving Thankfulness

With Thanksgiving tomorrow I wanted to make a list of things that I am thankful for in my life. Then I cam across this site.

I guess I’m thankful that my name is not entirely awful, as some of these poor saps’ names are:

1. Richard Lips

2. Richard Strain

3. Ophelia Cox

4. Iona Bierhaus

And so on. Pretty much anyone named Richard, really. Sucks to be one of those guys. If your name is Richard, I am sorry that your name can be “Dick” whatever.

So I’ll stick with Henry. Suites me well and it doesn’t completely suck. And that’s what I’m thankful for today.


So… What’s Been Goin’ On Here?

For real… What’s been going on?

Truth be told I totally forgot about Bubble Gum and Energy Drinks until I googled my name and it came up. Don’t judge. You’ve googled your name, too. Hell, I’ve googled your name and I have to say, it’s not all flattering.

So what have I been doing for over a year?

I started RangersGameDay on twitter and a blog. I got in trouble with MLB for giving away tickets to games. I started working a second job waiting tables. I did a 15 day “reboot” diet of veggies and fruit and lost 15 pounds. I gained it all back. It’s hot as hell in Texas during the summer and it’s comfy at Thanksgiving. You know… the usual.

Maybe I’ll stop by here more often and impart words of unwisdom to you all. Or maybe you can stuff it. Whatever…



It’s True


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