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Business Ethics, Integrity, and Such

Hurry up and tell me where to meet for beers! I only have this much battery left on my phone!

Recently I had the pleasure of having discussions with a particular businessman from New York, and he reaffirmed my faith in business ethics, respect, integrity, and how to treat people. It’s not exactly rare, but it’s farther in between than, say, a decade ago. And I’m sure there are reasons for that.

If you think about where you were, business-wise, ten years ago and compare it to the technological advantages we have today then you will see how a paradox has been created: The closer we get through our smart phones and laptops, the further away we’ve drifted from each other in person. We now live in a world of me, me, me. Ugh.

Now, I know a lot of people and, frankly, I don’t care to see them all the time in person. Some of them just annoy me and others just smell like updog (Think on that for a moment…). I’m not suggesting that constant personal interaction is something that is 100% necessary; it’s just lacking.

That’s not, however, the point of this entry. My point is that because of the personal separation that technology creates we tend to treat people differently than we used to. At least that’s how it comes across to me. That treatment is all too important to some people, and I am one of them. I work in sales and I have certain expectations of myself when I deal with people, which is very often. I deal with peons and decision makers alike, but I treat them all the same: with respect.

When you come across a company that treats you like a human being then you remember them, don’t you? If you went into a clothing store and the counter person didn’t even look at you when you asked a question about their store, you might feel a little put out and might not go back there. Likewise, if that counter person came to you and asked you a question, like if you’re finding everything alright, then afford them the same courtesy you’d expect from them!

It really is that simple, folks.

I'm the most important person on the planet!

I used to work in the restaurant industry. I waited table, washed dishes, and managed a restaurant that was owned by an international company. I saw a lot of assholes in my time. I think that people who are assholes are drawn to restaurants- like it’s their Mecca or something. They need to go out and be a prick to as many people as they can. They feed on it. (see what I did there?) However, those experiences reinforced my belief that you take care of people and treat them with respect.

One day I was yelled at by a woman who I refused to serve alcohol to because she didn’t have her ID with her. I’m sorry, but that’s not my fault you’re too stupid to keep it in your damn wallet. If I were to be caught serving anyone without an ID then I would go to jail. Let see… serve you alcohol and possibly go to jail…. or don’t serve you alcohol and for sure don’t go to jail… tough call… . But that lady wasn’t having it from me. She yelled at me and belittled me. I returned the favor by smiling at her the whole time, which pissed her off even more. What was she going to tell my boss? That I smiled at her and she was offended? Bitch.

I have been on the flip side of that situation. I forgot my ID once and went out for a drink. The server refused to serve me and I told them that I appreciate their work ethic. Needless to say I got a strange look from them, as though they expected me to go off and put my head through a wall or something. Nope. Not this guy. Because having my ID is my responsibility and the server was just doing their job.

No, no. You need it more than me. Get rid of the leg warmers. It's 2010, lady, not 1991.

Let me explain something to you folks reading this. Be appreciative. When someone does something for you- I don’t care if it’s simply holding a door open for you- say thank you and smile. It doesn’t hurt. It won’t give you asshole cancer or anything. And if it does then I would bet it was a preexisting condition caused by being an asshole before. *asshole cancer, in itself,  is not funny*

Be courteous. Hold the door open for someone sometime. Get that grocery cart out of the stack for the old lady struggling with them. Simply smile and nod at a person as they walk past you. Be kind to your server when you go out to eat. Send thank you notes, emails, letters, or texts to those who are kind to you. Use your turn signal. Wave and smile  at a cop while driving down the street instead of slamming your breaks. Tell your significant other how beautiful they are and that you love them. Hug your kids twice as often.

It’s a bullshit world out there with a lot of bullshit people. That isn’t a free pass to join them, it is a reason to be different from them. If you work for a company that people talk about then look yourself up on the internet. Find out who’s talking about you and thank them for the compliments or use the insults as a learning experience. If you do that people will recognize your business ethics and start to tell other people about it.

And because of that, I will end this rant with a recommendation for ScanBizCards. Check out their website, and if you have an iPhone then look up their app. I wrote a full review of their app and they were kind enough to respond with kind words on my piddly little blog. Now that’s being appreciative, so I will return the respect with a lengthy and public thank you note to them.

Now, everyone go forth and be prosperous.

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